L5 - Bibliography, References and In-text Citation

Lesson 5

Strategies employed

1.Connect (Hook and Hold) (5 mins)
+ Recall the links learnt the previous lesson. Were those links a suitable way of representing data in our research? No

+ Ask students to state the difference between Bibliography, References and In-text Citation. They can refer to these two web-pages:

2.Acquire and Make meaning (Receive Knowledge and skills, and understanding learning outcomes) (40 mins)

+ Students must also learn how to cite their reference and write their reference page.
+ Students are asked to refer to the citation manager and learn how to cite references using the different sources.

+ For each group, using at least 5 articles that they have chosen as their information source, use the citation machine to generate the correct way of referencing their work.

The citation machine webpage is at:

+ Write down the correct format in the Group Project Proposal.

+ Demonstrate to students how to cite in the Literature Review (Or Introduction) paragraph and the Reference page using the dragonflies example:

+ Two examples are given below.

3.Transfer (Formative checks, reflections, etc.) (5 mins)

+ Remind students to start writing their Literature Review paragraph and the Reference and Bibliography page in their Group Project Proposal.

Question that tests students on writing Bibliography, Reference and in-text citations

1. You are given a book with the following information:

(a)   Write down the Bibliography/reference entry in APA format 
ROTH, C. (1986). The sky observer's guidebook. New York: PRENTICE HALL PRESS.

[ 3 marks – 1: Last name is written first with the year in brackets.
1: Title is in italics. 1: Publishing location and Publisher indicated ]

(b)   Write down how you would cite your references in text
(ROTH, 1986)
ROTH (1986) 
[ 1 mark –last name is indicated with year ]

2. You are given an internet page retrieved on 1st July 2013 with the following information:
(a)   Write down the Bibliography entry in APA format  

Science Buddies (2013, JULY 01). Science buddies. Retrieved from http://www.sciencebuddies.org

[ 3 marks – 1: Name of author and date; 1: Title of webpage; 1: Retrieved from web source ]

(b)   Write down how you would cite your references in text
(Science Buddies, 2013)
Science Buddies (2013) 
[ 1 mark – name is indicated with year retrieved ] 


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